Curriculum Vitae


Masoumeh Azghani, PhD
Assistant Professor of Communications Engineering

Masoumeh Azghani

Place of birth: Tabriz, Iran.
Date of Birth: 23 June 1987.
Address: Electrical Engineering department, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran
Phone: 00984133459464
Sharif University of technology
Ph.D (with distinction), Sparse Signal Processing (2011-2014). GPA(18.37/20)
Thesis advisor: Prof. Farokh Marvasti
Thesis title: Efficient iterative sparse recovery techniques
Tabriz University
Msc., signal and Image Processing (2009-2011). GPA (18.98/20)
Thesis title: Video compression using compressed sensing theory
Bsc., electrical engineering (2005-2009).GPA (17. 8/20)
Thesis title: Motion detection in digital images
Assistant Professor, Sahand University of Technology, Tabriz, Iran (Sep 2015-present)
Visiting researcher, Institute for Inforcom. Research (I2R), A*Star, Singapore (Feb-Sep 2015).
Researcher, Multi-media Lab, Advanced Communication Research Institute (ACRI), Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran (2011-2015).
1st Rank in M.Sc., Electrical Engineering Department, Tabriz University, 2011.
2nd Rank in B.Sc., Electrical Engineering. Department, Tabriz University, 2009.
Ranked 11 in the Nationwide PhD Entrance Exam, Electrical Engineering (2011).
Ranked 49 in the Nationwide M.Sc. Entrance Exam, Electrical Engineering (2009).
Ranked 18 in Iranian Olympiad in Electrical Engineering (2008).
Ranked 665 in nationwide university Entrance Exam among more than 400,000 participants, Iran (2005).
Wireless communications
Array signal processing
Signal/image/Video processing
Compressed sensing, Sparse Signal Processing, statistical signal processing
 Biomedical imaging
  • [1] N.Sadeghi, M.Azghani, "Semi-Blind Channel Estimation based on subspace modeling for Multi-user Massive MIMO system" to be published in Journal of nonlinear systems in Electrical Engineering.
  • [2] S. Abtahi, M. Azghani, F. Marvasti, “An Adaptive Iterative Thresholding Algorithm for Distributed MIMO Radars”, recently published in IEEE transactions on aerospace and electronic systems.
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Book chapter:
  • [1] M.Azghani, F.Marvasti,” Sparse Signal Processing,” published in the Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis Series (Springer-Verlag) under the title “New Perspectives on Approximation and Sampling Theory”, 2014.
  • [1] A. Abtahi, M. Azghani, J. Tayefi and F. Marvasti, "Iterative block-sparse recovery method for distributed MIMO radar," Iran Workshop on Communication and Information Theory (IWCIT), Tehran, 2016, pp. 1-4.
  • [2] M.Azghani, F.afkhaminia, "Sparsity-based Direction of Arrival Estimation in the Presence of Gain/Phase Uncertainty" presented in EUSIPCO, KOS 2017.
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Supervised Theses
  •  Fatemeh Afkhaminia, Master thesis on "Direction of Arrival Estimation in Massive MIMO Systems".
  •  Nasser Sadeghi Alishahi, Master thesis on "Massive MIMO Channel Estimation".
  • Leila Gharedaghi, Master Thesis on "Compressive Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio".
  •  Somayyeh Fattan, Master Thesis on "Image Forgery Detection".
  •  Nafiseh Maleki, Master Thesis (on going) on "Sparse Adapive Filters" .
  •  Abbas ali atarodi, Mater Thesis (on going) on "Massive MIMO beamforming".
  •  Rana Sedghi, Master Thesis (on going) on "Interference mitigation in massive MIMO systems".
  •  Haydeh Olyaii, Master Thesis (on going) on "Video forgery detection".

Graduate course
Adaptive Filtering , Stochastic Processes ,Convex Optimization, Numerical Optimization

Under Graduate courses
Digital Communications, Signals and Systems, C Programming.